Frequently asked questions before installing the tint your car

Before getting your window’s tinted you must know that it will give both health and security benefits and it will make your car look more pleasing. If it’s your first experience of getting your car, you might get a lot of questions in your mind before going to the shop. After reading this article, you will find answers to your questions. To ensure your satisfaction, consider reading this article.

What is a glass tint?

It is basically a small material which helps you protect your car from the sunrays.

Should windows need any preparation before tinting?

The windows need to be clear and any kind of dirt should be removed from it. The person installing the tint will completely clean your car before installing the tints and it will help you get the tints that will last longer and perfect tint.

What are the benefits of window tint?

The advantages of window tint are listed below

  • Increases privacy.
  • Increases safety by reducing the chance of theft.
  • It can help to reject solar heat.
  • Keep your car’s interior safe
  • Protect your car from UV rays.
  • It will make your car look more beautiful.

What are the disadvantages of window tint?

The disadvantages of window tint are listed below

  • It might reduce the drivers visibility at night
  • You might get a fine on having dark tints.
  • If you don’t want the authentic company, your money would be loss.
  • If it gets damaged, it is not easy to invest again and again in car tints and pay a huge amount to the person installing your tints.

Where would the window tint be applied?

It will be placed on the inner side of the glass.

What are the laws of 3m car tinting in Dubai?

The law has now allowed to tint your car 50% to keep your car safe from the sunrays and it also helps to keep the car safe. All the windows of the car can be tinted except the front windscreen.

How much time will it take to for the installation of tint?

The time depends on the number of windows you are tinting. It might take 1-3 hours for tinting a window. If you don’t have enough you can just leave your vehicle at the stop and pick up your car later.

What happens if the tint gets damaged?

It can’t be repaired and you might have to buy a new. If you become a regular customer of the shop, they also give car tinting deals Dubai.

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