How to keep kids engaged during the lockdown?

Welcome to the most enjoyable area of the den full of ideas to help kids get creative while at home. Welcome.

It was manufactured along with our early childhood consultants who used their experience of what works at various ages and levels for infants. We hope this is enough for everybody, but let us know if you have an idea for an event or a game that we can play! Creativity is a perfect way to occupy the hours when you head outdoors. The easiest way to fill the time is from building dens to dancing to making things enjoyable.

  1. How are you going to build your den? Are you planning to use upholstered sheets and chairs? Perhaps the correct pitch is a line of clothes and blankets. Lights in the Fairy? Covers? Covers?
  2. We have a few friends who share their favorite culinary tips. Everyone will get food on the table with a few recipes and quick measures.
  3. It is important to remain busy when we all stay at home. This is an outstanding time to learn to dance – who will teach you better than Bruno Tonioli!
  4. Play with pots, pans, and wooden spoons – allow them to make noise as soon as possible! (Perhaps you ought to wear earplugs)
  5. Construct a back garden (or indoor) scavenger jacket – list your garden stuff (or cover stuff!). You will find ready-made lists of photographs online for smaller ones.
  6. Download some free coloring printable materials – you can use Google to do so on practically every subject. Disney! – Disney! Dinosaur! Dinosaur! Room! Space! You’re naming it…
  7. Go hiking in the garden! Pitch a tent on your paddock, take your camper and toast a few marshmallows.
  8. Twinkl (used by school teachers all over the UK) download some free materials. By school year and subject, you can access them.
  9. Win a badge for Blue Peter. What’s so cool? There are ways to get various Blue Peter badges, specifically what the kids have to do.
  10. Arrange a Facetime/Skype game with one of their mates who is also at home – from a safe distance, they might play Hangman or Charades.

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