Recruitment Agencies – Get Ready to Work in Dubai

If you decide to relocate in Dubai because of the opportunities that this side of the world offers you must first seek important information about the UAE and basic details about the recruitment agencies if you are planning to work in Dubai.

To start with, a prospective job candidate may find job listings and advertisements in the local newspaper or over the internet. Consulting a recruitment agency would ameliorate your search for work, the same way as they do anywhere in the world, with some added region-specific details though.

For potential job candidates, recruiters provide services like filling online application or information about available jobs. While you register with a recruitment agency, you may seek and view job openings on daily basis. You may sometimes even post your resume with the agency online.

The construction and construction management fields usually comprise the most part of the job postings. Other areas where jobs are plentiful are the financial services and hospitality sector in Dubai.

The agencies will review the applicant’s skills and qualifications to help them with their resumes so as to attract good employers. In order to be accepted as a serious candidate, make sure that you work with employment agencies physically.

For the employers, recruitment agencies evaluate potential candidates and advertise job vacancies. The plus point of recruitment services in Dubai is that they often will offer visa services to the job applicants and the employers.

It is obviously essential to acquire a work visa to work in another country, so most recruitment agencies in Dubai offer visa services making the transition for their clients easier and hassle-free. Find more about employment visa Dubai here.

One important aspect to bear in mind while searching for a job through a recruiter is to be careful that the job you are perceiving is actually based in Dubai; some jobs would be in other Gulf countries besides the United Arab Emirates: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Other than needing a work visa to be employed in Dubai, it is also important to know that the work week in Dubai begins on Saturday and ends on Wednesday or Thursday and in some private companies, the week starts on Saturday or Sunday and end on Thursday. The reason for the different work week is Friday being the Muslim holy day.

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