The Good Things About Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles are commonly used for covering walls and floors, having a damp absorption rate of less than 0.3 percent. The porcelains are made of clay obtained from natural deposits or are manufactured. They can either be unglazed or glazed. Glazed tiles are cheaper than the glazed ones. Both these tiles are:

  • fire resistant
  • hygienic
  • easy to maintain

Ceramic tiles or ceramic slabs are very hard wearing and durable. They can sustain all sort of foot traffic without any wear. If there is any foot traffic on the surface of these tiles then the adhesive glue that holds them together becomes weak with constant friction and the tiles begin to slip away. Ceramic tiles have very good water resistance capacity. In case of contact with water then they swell up and remain intact for long.

The slabs of ceramic tiles and bathroom tiles in Dubai contain clay particles that become loose due to intense heat and become difficult to grip. The loose clay particles make the tile fall apart when they come in contact with water. The slabs of these ceramic tiles do not respond very quickly to extreme temperatures.

If you install a ceramic tile on top of a wet floor, it may cause the floor to swell up and become difficult to walk on. Ceramic tile does not have any pores in them, therefore, they are not susceptible to bacterial growth. But, if you are using an unglazed tile on a moist surface, then there is a possibility of staining.

Ceramic tiles in Abu Dhabi have high thermal conductivity, but low thermal expansion. It means that the tiles when heated to high temperatures stay cool. This feature of the ceramic tiles makes them excellent in areas where high temperatures are frequent. But, when the temperatures are increased to extremely high levels, the expansion tendency results in quelling the heat, which causes the tiles to expand and become hot. Hence, one should use these tiles only where high temperatures are expected.

Due to their durability and resistance towards wear and tear, ceramic tiles have been increasingly used in home flooring. They are available in a variety of designs and colors to suit every individual’s requirement. Thus, they have become a popular choice for both interior and exterior home decor. As they are easy to maintain, they are an ideal choice for busy individuals who do not have time to take care of their flooring.

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