Weird hotels around the world

Sometimes weird things are interesting but weirder things can be dangerous. But human curiosity has taken people to the moon and that is why we always want to jump in first to see what is weird, get more info about it and why it is that way. Out of all the weird things in the world, it is hard to believe that there are some strange hotels around the world. If you are in UAE and you are looking for best hotel deals in Fujairah, then it might take some time to find bookings but while your app does the work for you, lets’ take a look at the list of strange hotels in the world.

  1. Galactic Suite Space Resort: if you are a fan of aerospace and you are all into space stuff then start collecting money because there is an actual hotel in the space and may be you get lucky to sight any aliens. It would be difficult for you to go for an alien exploration trip because this hotel only allows 350 people in a year and the hotel stay is only of 80 minutes but you can enjoy the sunrise. It was opened in 2012.
  2. Library Hotel: good news of nerds and geeks because there is a hotel and each room have all the necessary things that should be in a room and there are tons of books in each room and if you cannot find the book of your kind, you can call the reception and ask for it. This hotel is located in New York.
  3. Capsule Hotel: these hotels are literally so small that they are like bunkers in Indian trains shown in the movie. You will find a bed and a TV and there is a combined bathroom for individuals. These are usually used by people who cannot drive anymore due to sleepiness and if you are too drunk to drive home, you can crash here. And these so called hotels are in Tokyo, Japan.
  4. Dog Bark Park Inn: this is one of a kind hotel because this hotel is in the shape of two beagles; one small and one big. It is specifically made for dog lovers and it is dog friendly of course and this hotel is in Cottonwood, Idaho.

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