Journey to lose weight – Tips to follow

When you think about losing weight then you have to keep in mind that it is a long journey and you have to stick to it once you started it for at least 3 months otherwise you will not get the results from your effort. You have to stick to the routine and there should no cheating in your meals for 3 months and then once you will start noticing the change in your body then you will be automatically motivated with that. You have to first get complete knowledge about weigh loss Abu Dhabi and then start doing it. Some people will have to go through some tests before they start dieting because their disease may get worse with their diet plan so they have to be very careful about it. If you have a thyroid problem then you need to be in contact with your doctor and do whatever your doctor said because if you take the wrong diet then you have to face the consequences of that. It is not very difficult to achieve your goals just you have to be very keen and meticulous about what you are eating and how you are making that food. Here are some tips for you:

Cooking: When you need to lose your weights then you have to switch to extra virgin olive oil instead of your regular oil because it has fewer fats and you will be healthier by taking this oil in your food and as a dressing on your salad. Another thing about cooking is that you have to cook in lower quantity of oil and spices. It is better to have your meals boiled, baked or roasted because they will get less oil and also they will be lighter to eat.

Quantity: If you cannot go to a specific diet plan but want to lose weight then a better way is to take care of the quantity of food you are taking. If you are taking 3 bread pieces in the morning as your breakfast then you need to start taking 2. Also you have to take care of the number of meals you are taking in a day. Instead of taking 3 big meals you can take 5 to 6 smaller meals and do some exercise in between. It will help you in losing weight also its easier to follow.

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